We cannot see ourself. The only way that we can see ourself is in the mirror. And that mirror includes the way that we express ourself.

My voice has been getting increasingly specific. And my message has been getting clearer. It focuses on rock, and on “you rock.” To me, rock is a reflection of strength and strength matters, especially inner strength — going beyond the mind and its chatter, its doubts and fears. And that comes from knowing that you are, not defined by what you do, but just that you are, and that that is good enough.

So I try to Be in my work. Not to be this or to be that, but to explore, discover and express. Perhaps that is why the abstract plays such a strong role for me. It is both defined and not defined. It just is. And part of that statement is the bold, positive, beautiful natural energy of rock, of the extraordinary colours and patterns that are in each and every one of us.” Cheryl Hassen


“Autumn Tree” and “Tapestry in Blue and Gold” receive a coveted 2017 Tokyo International Foto Award  in the Professional Category-Fine Art Abstracts. 

Cheryl Hassen exhibits her photography at Spirit Speak Artist’s Studio located at 34 Green Bay Road, Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia. Cheryl is also an exhibiting artist with the Craft Nova Scotia.


Cheryl’s Photographic Art will be part of “ART IN THE MARITIMES, THE SIRENS’ CALL, a high quality coffee table book published  in 2018 by Arabella Magazine featuring 38 Artists from the four Atlantic Canadian Provinces. 

Thank you to my buyers, the new owners of "Bird’s Eye View" and "Spontaneous Generation” now adorning the walls of their dining room and looking fantastic!

framed Watercolours

Always Superb Framing                                                                                                               “Watercolours” (30x40) 

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Link to "Spirit Speak” for Cheryl’s artwork.

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