"Bird’s Eye View” and “Spontaneous Generation” purchased at the Craft Nova Scotia Christmas Show and now hanging in the dining room of their new home!

Hassen "On Top" low res

“On Top”


 “Tapestry in Blue and Gold”

Our life is like a tapestry of rich and royal hue

An everlasting vision of the ever changing view

A wonderous woven magic in bits of blue and gold

                                            -Carole King

Cheryl Hassen exhibits her photography at Spirit Speak Artist’s Studio located at 34 Green Bay Road, Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia. Cheryl is also an exhibiting artist with the Craft Nova Scotia..

Ghost Ship

“Ghost Ship"

“It’s not just the nature images that you take, it’s what you see. It’s the coming together of the two. It’s your strong sense of design. You’re an artist.” T. Woodcock, Photo Editor.

“You have an exceptional sense of design.” NSDCC



 "As soon as I heard the news of my involvement in this "Unsensored” exhibit, I knew that I was going to do a “Shale Series.” I’ve taken photos of shale before and had been surprised by the depth of colour, light, patterns and movement. I expected texture but there’s so much more to shale than that. I also work with shale as an artist ( and am drawn to how the layers are completely fragile and at the same time, so strong. I believe that it reflects life and it's important that these kinds of messages come out in my work."

Beach Meadows

“Endless Possibilities” 

Beach Meadows, Nova Scotia

framed Watercolours

Always Superb Framing                                                                                                               “Watercolours” (30x40) 

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Link to "Spirit Speak” for Cheryl’s artwork.

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