This Is A New Placeholder Website. Please Bear With Us!

Hi Visitors and Welcome to Petite!

This is a new website, a work in progress. For now, it contains the 2018 PRACS Visitors Guide Map. In time, each of the website addresses listed as venues will be clickable and will take you to their website or Facebook page if one is listed. 

We are also already starting the process of creating the 2019 PRACS Map. It will be available on the site as soon as it available in  late Spring of 2019. If you are not currently on the map but would like to be, then simply send a note to presidentpracs@gmail.com

The Petite Riviere Arts and Crafts Society (PRACS) is lead by a volunteer Board  dedicated to supporting local business in and around the Petite Riviere area. 

Every year hundreds of visitors come to the area to enjoy the beaches, restaurants, vineyard, arts and crafts venues and a variety of activities hosted by businesses in the community.

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